CDS will work with your dealership as much or as little as you want. We will bring a comprehensive product line that is very innovative with full training and excellent incentives. 



F&I Products
Dealers have an extraordinary range of F&I products from the top vendors in the industry.
 There are multiple types of reinsurance programs. 
Custom Products
Dealers have access to products exclusive to CDS. Design your own custom programs
Performance Tracking
Real time statistics on store performance with customized tracking reports
Dealers receive free in store training and off-site training for all of our clients who are looking to drive revenue
Incentive Programs
Dealers can participate in programs designed to incentivize and motivate F&I managers
SateliteTracking Device… gives the consumer a high level of safety with theft deterrent protection, and built in lot inventory management for the dealer.
2nd Chance Programs
Dealer opportunity to make money on VSC’s, if they didn’t buy the first time.
Credit & Financial Processing
This is the future of automotive retailing. Consumer loan qualification within minutes after you meet them on a soft pull basis.
If your dealership does not have it’s own F&I department you have the option of outsourcing it through this division of CDS and let these veteran F&I agents with decades of experience in “big box” stores do it for you and still receive compensation.


Regardless of the product mix you offer, we know that every dealer needs to maximize the potential in each profit center to drive profits and customer loyalty… that’s where CDS comes in. We have one of the larger distribution channels of representatives that provide in store training and vital data regarding many areas of just how your dealership is performing and where your money is being spent effectively and where it needs to be redirected. Our role as an F&I firm is to work with you and provide profitable ideas that can be turned into dollars. 

Having industry leading experts at your disposal allows you “the owner” to choose specifically where we can begin to increase revenue. The analysis is free to any dealer who wishes to get a fresh perspective of their organization. Here are some areas of insight:

•  F&I product and personnel performance
•  Insight to harness technology that will build profits
•  Ideas to increase revenue in the service department
•  Leveraging technology to control Lot inventory
•  Creating residual income with continuous training 
•  Vital data mining regarding store advertising budgets
•  Analysis of sales techniques from on-line, phone, and in store sales
•  Regulation and compliance guidelines and practices
•  Customer satisfaction and online reviews
•  Incentives & Reinsurance programs 
•  Proven techniques to reduce your fixed insurance and overhead expenses
•  Access to onsite and offsite F&I training schools
•  Which Carrier’s Products to use and when to use them

Having the right information takes the guesswork out of where your time and money is spent. “Good Intel” will guide you to better manage your revenue. Let Comprehensive Dealer Services be your resource center for necessary and/or vital information.



Comprehensive Dealer Services is a New England based F&I Firm that is expanding rapidly. We’re a family owned business that’s driven to provide a never-ending source of profitable ideas for our dealers. These propositions are not based on theory… they’re based on actual results. CDS gives the Independent Dealer regardless of size the same white glove treatment we give to the Franchise dealer groups. That means the Independent Dealer now has the same opportunity to offer their clients the same selection of products, services and incentives to grow their business just like their Franchise counterpart. Getting new customers in the building has always been a challenge for Franchise and Independent dealers alike. We’ll show you programs to draw new customers into your store like you’ve never seen before. So whether you’re an Independent Dealer or a Franchise Store we’ll show you ways to keep your customers coming back. 

CDS will work with your dealership as much or as little as you want. We will bring a comprehensive product line that is very innovative with full training and excellent incentives. 

Our concept is very unique and is creating a new paradigm within the industry. Yes, we have all the products and product lines you would expect any F&I Firm to have yet we offer a whole lot more. Other opportunities exist for the dealer that is unique and exclusive with the sole purpose of creating wealth for the owner. We designed this portfolio to be very forward thinking and exciting, all of which means higher quality for the consumer and higher margins for the dealer. 

The Executive Team

Joe Murray
Mike Murray
President & CEO
Keith Nice 
Executive Vice President
Richard Arnold
Senior Vice President National Sales 
Herb Murray
Vice President Product Development
Stacy Milroy
Vice President Operations


Dealers are increasingly operating in a more regulatory environment, requiring careful and constant monitoring of F&I deals that would benefit customers.  While some dealers are using independent financing sources such as AAA, other independent funding sources recommended by your dealership, may not insulate you from potential compliance and/or legal issues.  An unfortunate outcome of this common scenario, leaves the dealership with the loss of control of the most important part of the sale; the financing.  Once the customer leaves the dealership the chances of retaining the sale diminish, as the customer is open to other options for their purchase, including another dealership’s business.  

Is there a solution?  Yes.  F&I Outsource ( protects your dealership by providing careful monitoring and ongoing training in the ever-changing state and federal compliance regulations that dealers are legally obligated to adhere to.  At F&I Outsource WE are your F&I team.   We protect your dealership from wrongful F&I practices, and we protect you by never using your customer list for any reason other than promoting your dealership.  We guarantee these promises in writing, providing you with peace of mind in managing all of your F&I needs, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best, managing inventory and selling vehicles.

F&I Outsource will keep your sales agents in the driver’s seat and in control of the sale; rest assured your customers will no longer have the need to leave your dealership as they can complete necessary paperwork with your team.  We will make sure you receive all the support you need to sell and finance your vehicles.  F&I Outsource has the endorsement of major banks in our area, with the reputation to back it.  Our dedicated staff will handle all registrations of your customers’ vehicles and work with you to provide your customers who may have credit challenges, financing through reputable lenders.  The process is simple; our support staff will visit your dealership and provide convenient availability to answer any questions via phone or e-mail.  We want you, the dealer, to be the only person your customer communicates with, by providing convenient and reliable financing options, allowing you to boost vehicle sales!

F&I Outsource is committed to you the dealer!



Franchise Dealers:

CDS serves small and large Dealer Groups in the Franchise space. You have a full compliment of products to choose from, multiple Gap, VSC & Ancillary’s all carefully vetted by CDS. What makes CDS different is the products other F&I shops don’t offer. Our custom menu is anything but ho-hum. Nothing but innovative, exclusive, and high margin products on the menu. Anyone can sell ancillary’s, but nobody has a dealer menu quite like this.

Independent Dealers: 

Independent dealers for too long have taken a back seat to the larger Franchise stores… but not any more. CDS gives the small Independent stores the same opportunities to make money as the big boys do. Whether that is the same product line, menu selling opportunities, exclusive offerings, finance or F&I outsource options. No Independent Dealer is too large or too small. We work with the 5-car lot up to the 750-vehicle superstore.

F&I Agents:

Everybody is looking to make money. Here at CDS we make it possible for every Independent Agent and Every F&I agent married to their dealership to have significant opportunies to make plenty of cash. They make money on the standard product lines, the exclusive product lines and maybe for the first time even on bank financing. Referral incentives are also on the table for good F&I agents.

P&C Insurance Agents: 

It has long been understood in the insurance world that the P&C commission structure has not been on par with the Life Insurance crowd, just using that as a reference. P&C has a lot of other  advantages however. CDS just happens to have a product offering that will blow the roof off of P&C agent earnings which fits very snuggly into their portfolio.

Financial Institutions:

Let’s face it; banks are always looking for ways to generate “NIFI” (Non Interest Fee Income). If you were    an agent representing CDS you would not only be bringing new dealers to the dance, but also new creative products to lenders as well. It’s one thing earning revenue from a productive dealer, it’s quite another when a bank uses your product line. 




1.    Schedule a meeting: We come in and gather some information, and talk to your     staff. 

2.    We analyze the information, put a business plan together based on your goals and 
       your current performance. 

3.    Once you approve the plan we’ll need your commitment as the owner, your permission 
       to implement the ideas, we’ll tweak it as we grow and measure the results together.

That’s it!

We know that we can only be successful in growing our company, if we can successfully
help you grow your company. Success starts from the top and without your full support no plan will be successful.



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